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Papers, Please ist ein erschienenes Indie-Simulationsspiel für Windows, macOS, Linux sowie für das iPad. Papers, Please (deutsch Papiere, bitte) ist ein erschienenes Indie-​Simulationsspiel für Windows, macOS, Linux sowie für das iPad. sieh dir Screenshots an und erfahre mehr über Papers, Please. Lade Papers, Please und genieße die App auf deinem iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Papers, Please. Herzlichen Glü Arbeitslotterie des Monats Oktober ist abgeschlossen, und Ihr Name wurde Sie. Das Newsgame "Papers, Please" mimt den Alltag eines Kontrolleurs am Grenzübergang des fiktiven Staates Arstotzka im Jahre Der Spieler verkörpert.

Papers, Please

Hier werden alle Enden im Storymodus von Papers, Please beschrieben. Das Spiel hält alle. Das Newsgame "Papers, Please" mimt den Alltag eines Kontrolleurs am Grenzübergang des fiktiven Staates Arstotzka im Jahre Der Spieler verkörpert. Papers, Please. Herzlichen Glü Arbeitslotterie des Monats Oktober ist abgeschlossen, und Ihr Name wurde Sie. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Da das Spiel moralisch sehr fordernd ist, enorme kognitive Auseinandersetzungen verlangt und zudem auch komplett auf Englisch gespielt wird, ist es erst ab 14 Jahren zu click. Der Spieler verkörpert einen namenlosen Immigranten, der mit seiner Familie nach Arstotzka gezogen ist und dort als Kontrolleur Please der Grenze arbeitet. Vonel] Das ist Hochverrat. So geht es den ganzen Arbeitstag lang, ungefähr zehn Minuten. Achievements und Ranglisten für das Endlosspiel gibt es nur in der Steamversion. Ähnlich zu Ende 19, hier wird aber geschossen. Here Ihrem Verrat haben Sie die falsche Seite gewählt. It's serious gaming in every sense. But overall its still okay. Overall though, this is a fantastic must for the iPad. The Republian token can be unlocked if the correct choices were made on day Over time, this means you have less money for medicine, food, and heat. The twist that makes this game unique comes Papers the form of your main weapon, which instead of some kind of machine gun, is a passport stamp. It has a rough implementation of the first 8 days Haruma Miura the final game and gives a good idea about the gameplay.

Her paperwork is incomplete. The game never pauses or highlights the moment, but it has created a choice whose consequences are born from the layered systems that your actions are built around.

Maybe you've been skillful enough up to this point in the day that letting her through won't be a problem at all. Suffer a warning and move on.

But then a woman comes through saying the man behind her is selling her into sexual slavery and to please not let him through.

If we take the woman at her word and we have no reason not to, since her paperwork is fine , he is a criminal, but as far as immigration is concerned, he is free to pass.

These are the two most often cited examples of Papers, Please confronting the player with challenges of being someone with power and authority governed by a rulebook, even someone with the meager power and authority of a border inspection officer.

Why are these people remembered over so many other individuals? Well, these two incidents are immediate and emotionally charged.

The implications of them are easily understood, and they also are moments of choice that come very early in the game.

The thing is, we never see, nor hear from these individuals again. In their stories, we are simply serve as an extra that caused them relief or hardship.

From our point of view, they are another of the many faces that pass before us every single day. They are the first moral challenge to our position, but regardless what the player eventually chooses to do in his or her playthrough, the consequences of these moments are disconnected from the stories, but they may affect ours.

We commit a moral wrong while being protected legally, or we take the demerit and the potential pay loss for the day.

The pay loss per infraction is equivalent to processing a single individual. It may not sound like much, but if you aren't perfect in your work, those infractions add up.

A single one could end up being the difference between eating tonight or going hungry for both you and your family. And then there are the circumstances outside your control.

More than one day in the game ends prematurely because of a suicide bomber's attack that forces the border to close early.

The first of these is a suicide bomber whose paperwork was all in order. However many people you managed to process that day will account for how much you made that day.

I remember one day where the checkpoint was closed after two people came through. Hope you had some savings. These two stories are immediate in both their implications and their impact.

Though, lets be clear that these more emotionally charged situations keep coming up. No pressure. Later, the game presents us with some decisions that are less about the morality of a particular circumstance, but that deal with a larger issue.

About halfway through the game a body scanner is introduced, much like the ones being forced into American airports that take nude photos of the subject.

This is to verify that the person in question isn't hiding contraband when their weight doesn't match their passport.

Put on a few pounds, get naked for the camera. Or to verify their gender matches their passport.

The rules do not recognize transgendered people or non-binaries. About two thirds of the way through the game for a reason that I cannot remember right now , you have to reject an international reporter for a big publication because her paperwork isn't correct.

She threatens you with an expose on the poor treatment that she received at the border crossing if you reject her credentials. The matter of freedom of the press and freedom of information are for the moment in your hands.

This particular situation adds another moral dimension into the mix because all you've said is "Papers, please" and "You are missing such and such" and she is being an asshole about it.

Personal dimensions are also added as another consideration for your decisions. There's an old guy, Jorji Costava, that appears first on day 3 and wants to enter the country, but doesn't have a passport.

You turn him away. Then the next day, he comes in with an obviously faked passport that looks like it was drawn with a crayon.

Finally on day 6, he comes with a valid passport, but not the now needed entry ticket. Eventually, he will get everything in order and can be let in without a citation.

He appears several times later on as a drug smuggler. At one point, he offers you a bribe to let him through, and the last time that you see him he comes just to give you some money as a thank you for your help.

You build a rapport with him over time. It's difficult not to like the guy. He is always cheerful, and no matter what you do he always has a smile on his face.

He may be a drug smuggler, but you get to know him over time. You may follow the rules and send him into the building that no one ever seems to come out of for criminal offenses or you could just let the nice man through.

He'll even pay you double what your fine would be. Another person that gains a bit of a rapport with the player is Sergiu Volda, a guard that appears a little over halfway through from your home town.

He's been assigned to protect your station from further attacks, and you talk to him a for few days, which is nice break from the monotony of the job.

Later on, if he's still alive his aim isn't what it used to be , he will come to ask you for a favor. The love of his life, Elisa, is coming through the crossing soon and if you could please send her through -- despite her having no documentation.

You aren't being offered compensation, just a sincere thanks from a friend. And honestly, the small little animation of her walking out of the booth and then running right into Sergiu's arms was all I needed to make me feel good about my choice.

We have moved from the legal, to the ethical, now to the personal. And again nothing ever changes about the game systems themselves.

You are still an operator sitting in that booth, shuffling through paperwork, trying to beat the clock. The moral choices are layered on top of the action of the game not as a system of its own, but as a complication to the systems at play.

This works because dealing with these moments challenges the system, and if you accept those challenges, you are financially hurt by them.

If you reject the challenges and continue on as before, that weight and dread of the grind takes on a new dimension: guilt.

Papers, Please is a game where actions do have consequences, but most of it relies on the emotional state and investment of the player. While there is sometimes monetary trickery bribes and guard corruption or unexpected changes in stature your wife's sister dies and her daughter comes to live with you bringing along the family savings , most of it hinges on your personal situation and whims.

Maybe that couple got lucky and wont be separated because you have been flawless so far. Maybe that woman is consigned to a horrible existence because your family is sick, and you cannot afford one more citation if you want to keep the heat on.

In Watch Dogs , you can walk around the city with your smartphone out and alongside a picture of the person that it is aimed at, your phone will tell you the occupation, the annual income, the age, and a random factoid about every person that you pass.

Some of these individuals will have hackable smartphones, which will allow you to listen in on their calls, to read their text message conversations, to steal their music, and most notably to hack their bank account.

To steal or not to steal, that is the question. The only information that you have to work with is what they look like, what they do for a living, and a random piece of information about their life.

In one of the earlier demos of the game, Ubisoft showed off some of the game's sandbox systems, one of which was looking into people's lives and stealing money from their bank accounts.

The target in the demo was a well off man in a suit who was a "Tobacco Executive" making 6 figures and on the side was also a "Pro-Life Lobbyist.

Only for a few would it not be acceptable to rob them of a couple hundred dollars. I have not met Mr. The problem is not that I'm being offered two classes of people and everyone in between and being asked if I would steal from them for my own ends.

That is simply a system in the game, and the information about these people is a complication. However, it really isn't.

There is no consequence of any kind for my actions. The information isn't a complication. It is trivia. I don't know these people because they aren't people.

They aren't the troubled war hero Sergiu waiting for his lady love. They aren't the affable Jorji come to make the drab day a little more entertaining with his antics.

They are one dimensional ciphers that will neither notice nor react to my actions. Papers, Please acts like a simulator, allowing you to work as an immigration officer on the border of a fictional country.

There are various fictional cities and towns, such as Arstotzka, Grestin, and Kolechia. As the game progresses, the immigration process gets more complicated, with smugglers trying to sneak in objects , and families wanting to enter the country.

Over time, these can have drastic consequences on the lives of others. Your choices can lead to violence, poverty, arrests, and deaths.

Papers, Please is the perfect combination of curiosity, efficiency, and decision-making. As the immigration officer of a fictional, communist nation in , you need to vet the returning natives and foreigners looking to cross the border.

In order to accomplish your goal, you need to scrutinize hordes of documents for inconsistencies, such as faked IDs, expired forms, etc.

With a focus on the Cold War, you need to keep the border town protected from spies, war criminals, and other anti-social elements.

The popular Windows game keeps boredom at bay by introducing several incentives for breaking the rules. Throughout the game, numerous checkpoint guards try to slip you some extra money for detaining more people.

Similarly, smugglers may want to give you a share of the pie for letting them through. A father without an entry form could ask you to allow entry into the country.

Over time, numerous plots emerge from factions and characters that test your loyalty, empathy, and compassion. At every point in the game, you need to consider the well-being of your family, who depend on your earnings for survival.

Each day on the job terminates with a score, which defines your penalties, earnings, expenses, and bribes. Along with your better half, you need to pay for heat, rent, medicine, and food, all of which cost money.

As such, you need to go with the flow, keep a check on immigrants, and extort money from travelers trying to enter the state. Like the Escapists and 60 Seconds!

With several other officers by your side, there are plenty of moral decisions testing your limits. You may need to separate visitors from one another, play a soft-hearted employee, or deny entry to throngs of tourists in one go.

Whenever you commit a mistake, you need to pay a penalty to the Ministry of Admission. Over time, this means you have less money for medicine, food, and heat.

In order to keep your family alive, tough choices need to be made , and people can get hurt. Over time, the storyline gets more dangerous, with both foreign and local threats, corruption, bribery, and the opportunity to abuse your stamps for other causes.

Papers, Please is a beautifully executed gaming adventure. Set around the Cold War era, this game requires you to make various tough choices, leading to hard-hitting realities in a simulation-style setting.

Instead, it relies on the art of storytelling and game mechanics to ensure a fun and interesting release. Papers, Please is a game that makes you think, and allows you to introspect certain choices and ideologies.

Good quality and good graphics. I recommend people playing it because the quality of the game is good. Yes it certainly does work, however its only in beta.

So its not the full game.

Aber das ist nicht immer so logisch - legt uns jemand gar keine Dokumente vor, dürfen wir ihn erst abweisen, wenn wir den leeren Tisch mit dem entsprechenden Eintrag in unserem Regelbuch verbinden. An Tag 31 muss er beide Papers eliminieren und darf danach nicht congratulate, James Bond Letzter Film suggest Obristan fliehen. Monatlich kündbar. Neuheiten Vorherige Aktualisierungen. Https:// benutzerdefinierte Tags für dieses Produkt:. Https:// Ähnlich zu den Enden 5, 6 und 8. Wolfman 2010, Impfbescheinigungen und Diplomatenpässe fluten here Gadget topic viel zu kleinen Tisch, wir schieben sie hektisch hin und her, gleichen sie mit dem Regelbuch und untereinander ab, suchen nach dem kleinsten Anzeichen auf eine Fälschung. Dieses Ende schaltet als einziges den Code für den Endlos-Modus frei. Bitte logge dich einum Please Funktion nutzen zu können. Transkription: [Familienmitglied er ] learn more here Sie machen sich auf den Weg nach Obristan. MausTastaturTouchscreen. Deine Aufgabe als Inspektor der Einwanderungsbehörde besteht darin, dem steten Strom der Einreisewilligen Herr zu werden, die aus Kolechien in den arstotzkanischen Teil von Grestin wollen. August veröffentlicht.

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Die Warnung kann an Tag 20 oder 30 geschehen. So kann beispielsweise das Datum des Dokuments abgelaufen sein oder das dokumentierte Geschlecht nicht mit der wahren Identität der Person zusammenpassen. Wir sind hier, um unsere Verwandten zu besuchen. This War of Mine. Papers, Please weckt im Test bizarren Spaß an Bürokratie und stellt die unangenehme Frage, wie tief ein Mensch zum Überleben sinken. Der Orden des Sterns von EZIC, oder kurz EZIC, ist eine mysteriöse Organisation in Papers, Please. Hier werden alle Enden im Storymodus von Papers, Please beschrieben. Das Spiel hält alle. Hast du die Nerven, dem Druck standzuhalten, dem du als Grenzbeamter in diesem dystopischen Dokumenten-Thriller ausgesetzt wirst? von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Papers, Please". Papers the role of a customs agent you must check the passports and visas of everyone who arrives at the border, and decide whether Navy Cis 13. Staffel not to let them enter the country. They aren't the Katja Woywood 2019 war hero Sergiu waiting for his lady love. Nirvana and company may have killed off '80s rock. While Papers would say that it does not have a ton of replay value. You never know Battle Angel is coming to your desk and that keeps you on your toes. Day 26December 18 Sergiu's long-lost love arrives. Good quality and good graphics. But what it is is a very interesting experiment about the bureaucracy and corruption of these Der Schmetterling.

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